In Dr. Gottlieb's opinion...

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In Dr. Gottlieb's opinion...

Postby etowah » Fri Aug 21, 2009 8:26 pm ... 83030.html

A medical doctor comments on Obamas comments :idea:
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Re: In Dr. Gottlieb's opinion...

Postby 4tees » Sat Aug 22, 2009 11:29 am

Ok, so an obviously biased source, one who is probably benefitting tremendously from the current system, comes to its defence. Meaningless.

I've made it very clear that I am not an Obama supporter, and I do NOT believe he will create/pass any health care reform that makes any truly significant difference. But he IS correct in pointing out the conflict of interest rampant in our current system. He is correct in pointing out that many costly unnescessary procedures are performed for dubious reasons. He is correct in pointing out that scientific studies can and would identify and help seperate dubious but profitable treatments from those that are effective; but this practice would both expose the medical profession as what it has become; just another business where profit comes first, a business that no longer deserves the special place in society it once deservedly held. On top of that the comparative studies will reduce profits; no wonder so many in the highly profitable medical industry are rallying against it.
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Re: In Dr. Gottlieb's opinion...

Postby Yellow_Dog » Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:30 pm

And there is the 50+ million people, and the number is growing steadily, that cannot get insurance. Either an insurance company refuses to cover them because of their history, or pre-existing conditions. My wife is fits this mold, she had very successful back surgery about 8 years ago, yet that surgery has resulted in her being denied coverage at any price when attempting to buy an individual policy.

I can get coverage, as I have nothing in my history. I did have a biopsy on something on my gum 20 years ago which turned out to be absolutely nothing but with just that and my age a high deductible 70% policy is $2800 a month.

The next knuckle dragging idiot that supports the 'status quo' of health care in this country, hell I'd probably just bust them in the snot locker, as that type of stupidity can't be addressed verbally.

If major changes are not made, we will have 80-90 million, or more, people without coverage by the next presidential election, but that sure as hell seems to be what the repukes seem to want. Wonder how they will feel when they loose their covearge. You know all the poeple supporting the status quo have coverage, they opposition may well deny them coverage that will save their life before long.
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